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Operation "OpenUP!"
A Community  Outreach Program and Ministry
Opening the lines of Communications in our Community
"One cell phone at a time"

Operation "Open UP!" provides prepaid cellular service via
free and low cost activations,
free and low cost SIM cards
and free recycled cell phones to those
most in need of an open line of communication for the following reasons:
re-entry, job searches, housing, em
ergency and medical situations.
"Do I qualify!"- you ask?
Are you an ex-offender looking for a job or housing and have to give the phone number of a relative or a friend to be reached?
Do you live in transitional housing or a domestic abuse shelter and need a phone number to get that 
call about a job or a permanent place to live or just to call your family?

Is your family homeless and in need of a phone line to get that call about that all important place to live
Are you looking for a job and need a permanent number for your prospective employer to call?
Do you have a special situation that you need help with and you need a number to be reached immediately?
Are you a veteran, newly home, trying to get back into the swing of civilian life,
needing housing and a job and have no number to be reached other than that of a family member?

Are you a senior citizen without a number for the pharmacy to call when your medication is ready?
Are you sick or ailing and need an emergency line in case something

We start by first providing activations...
Activations on Verizon-based CDMA and GSM cell phone units that come with FREE minutes.  Ready to use!
 SIM card activations are also available on AirVoice - AT&T compatible (fee based)
A service fee is required for all services received.  This fee can be covered by the recipient of by a gift to the recipient.  All services are pre-paid.Recycled cell phones are free.  There is a charge for refurbished cell phones.

For those who aren't able to provide their own Verizon-based cell
phones to activate, re:cycled units are available for activation,
(when in stock).  Re:cycling drives are being held to collect unused cell phones for Operation "OpenUP!"
Click here for more information on the Re:Project.

We then go on to provide Opportunity!
Operation "Open UP!" is a multi-phased project.  We start by providing cell phones to open the lines of communication to help lift our recipients from their economic woes.  Phase Two involves providing training and employment with one of our companies and helping to improve your and life skills with the goal of providing our recipients with the tools needed to establish a firm economic foundation.  Phase Three will provide our clients with the gift and goal of ownership in the prepaid cellular industry.  We will help our clients to develop their own  businesess in the prepaid cellular industry, therefore creating economic freedom.

We provide HOPE!

Do you need the help of Operation "Open UP!" to get connected?
Call one of our Community Partners to start the process .
You have to be referred by a Community Partner
to receive the services of Operation "Open UP!"

Can't find a Community Partner near you?
Call Pastor Benjamin John for assistance - 317/293.9870 or link to www.thecpop.ning.com


Director of Operations - William Rivers, 1-765-247-9220

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The enterprises of Visibility . . , including Chat It Up PrePaid Cellular Services and its
community outreach cell phone program
Operation "Open UP!" is partnered with, and
All financial contributions to Operation "Open UP!" can be made through our Church sponsor, Christian and Community Partner:

God's House of Worship
c/o Pastor Benjamin John

memo:  Operation "Open UP!"

6038 W. 25th St.
Speedway, Indiana 46224

Our corporate sponsor is:  www.babblebug.com

Operation "Open UP!" is a proud member of The H.O.P.E Team
Helping Others Prosper Economically

Operation "Open UP!" is supported by Smaller Indiana



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We open the line of communication in more ways than one!

Hello Visitor:

Welcome to our website. 

Now that you know a little more about Operation "Open UP!", we would like your help.

We always accept unused cell phones to recycle and redistribute to a person in need of an open line of communication to get ahead in life.

To recycle your cell phone with charger, please call our office at 317-605-8584.

Thank you,

Cissi Sherlock